Patricia Zieseniss



2007 Design
10 x 10 x 47 cm.





Sculpture bronze Patricia Zieseniss 2020

Satin-finish black bronze

bronze colour to order.

plaster or bronze available in 8 pieces

"I'll spend the summer in the grass, on my back,

Neck in my hands, eyelids half-closed,

Without mingling a sigh with the breath of roses

Nor disturb the light sleep of clear echoes.


Without fear I will surrender my blood, my flesh, my bones,

My being to the course of time and metamorphosis,

Calm and letting the innumerable crowd of causes

In the universal order ensure my rest.


Under the golden pavilion that the sun unfolds,

My eyes will drink the ether, whose unchanging joy

Will filter into my soul through my lashes.


And I'll say, thinking of men: "What are they doing?"

And the memory of loves and hates

Will lull me, like the sound of distant seas."


Sully Prudhomme - The Trials -

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