Patricia Zieseniss



2018 Design 
61 x 27 x 31 cm.




Sculpture bronze Patricia Zieseniss 2020

white waxed plaster.

bronze colour to order.





Tirage plâtre Patricia Zieseniss

plaster available in 8 pieces 


Behold the dawn before the day,

Behold the virginal Mother,

The Woman promised at the beginning of the ages,

She has built her dwelling

In the Father's will.


No fear, no refusal

Can disturb the work of grace,

Her heart is filled with ineffable expectation,

She offers God the silence

Where the word dwells.


Under the gaze that answers her,

New times spring forth in her,

The mysterious Advent of the unborn Kingdom.

The Spirit takes her under his shadow

And gently guards her.


Behold the Bride, unsept,

Mary, servant and sovereign,

Who secretly bears the salvation of the world,

Christ's blood redeems her,

But she is the source.



Hymn to the virgin of dawn

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