Patricia Zieseniss



2022 Design
28 x 47 x 38 cm.



Right profile. 


Sculpture bronze Patricia Zieseniss 2020

white terracotta

bronze colour to order.



Left profile. 


Tirage plâtre Patricia Zieseniss

plaster or bronze available in 8 pieces


It's not leaving, it's coming back,

And acting,

Is not taking,

It's understanding

And learning,

It's not knowing, it's wanting

And to be able,

It's not winning, it's paying

And to give,

It's not betraying, it's reuniting

And welcome.


Is not to bow, it is to refuse

And giving thanks,

It's not a gift, it's a torch

And a burden,

It's not weakness, it's wisdom

And nobility,    


It's not a possession, it's a duty

And a hope,

It's not to talk, it's to get

And maintain.

It is not easy,

It's so fragile,

Freedom. "


Work inspired by this poem so apt and superb

by Jacques Prévert